Get Fit in Your Lounge Room

Healthy Workout Through GamingThink ‘gamer’ and images of socially awkward teens playing the online version of Dungeons & Dragons probably come to mind. But there’s a new breed of games that promises to get the whole family up and off the couch and fit in your lounge room. We’ve found the newest release ‘exer-games’ for you to try.

Zumba Fitness: Join the Party

After the Zumba craze swept the globe in 2010 it was inevitable an interactive video game would follow. Developed by Zumba’s creator, Miami-based celebrity fitness trainer Beto Perez, Zumba Fitness: Join The Party includes 30 routines some created specifically for the game.

And there are plenty of workout options. You can take 20- or 45-minute classes for beginners, intermediate or expert Zumba dancers or ‘dance off’ against up to four friends in multiplayer mode. If you’re using an Xbox, you can also coordinate an online class with up to eight friends.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

When it comes to putting you inside the game, it doesn’t come much better than this. When you set this game up for the first time, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved scans your entire body to tailor exercises and workout programs to your shape and fitness goals. Then, each time you work out, the game uses the Kinect camera to display a real-time image of you on the screen next to your trainer.

The camera tracks your whole body throughout your workout, which means that cheating or piking out is a whole lot harder than if you were just holding a controller. If you aren’t doing a move correctly, the game offers advice on how to improve and get the most out of your workout.

If you don’t feel like doing your personalised workout, there are also fitness classes, cardio boxing and gym games including hula-hooping. If even that sounds like too much effort, try the Tai Chi-inspired Zen exercises, which come complete with soothing music and butterflies, and flowers that radiate from your body when you complete a move correctly

My Fitness Coach: Dance Workout Wii

If traditional workouts like running or lifting weights just aren’t your thing, a dance workout might be exactly what you need to get motivated about exercise. This game is an easy-to-use fitness program that offers exactly what the title suggests… dance workouts!

While it might not be as advanced or personalised as some of the other fitness games, this is still good fun and offers a selection of routines to popular tracks for different fitness levels.

You can play this game using one or two Wii remotes (one held in each hand), and the game gives you the option of using the Wii Balance Board. While there is a multiplayer option, this game only supports a maximum of two players.

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